We Like Happy Clients

“A good refresher for business communication.”
​     Julie Z, Site Planning, ADD Div.  – Abbott Laboratories

“This course is an excellent refresher for those out of school for a long time.  Rules have changed and writing has become simpler; not so formal.  I feel I have learned many tips and positive writing practice.”
   Beth N., Staffing Specialist  – Abbott Laboratories

“I like the format of the workshop.  It is a lot of information and the two 4-hour sessions were helpful. Ira David is a great presenter/trainer.”
    Tracy S., Coordinator – Sports and Activities  – Abbott Laboratories

“Excellent refresher course on writing skills.  I felt that even after the first class my writing style improved.  It made me aware of how much my style needed improvement.  It worked.  Thanks again and I look forward to the e-mail class in December.
     Julie S., ITPDD Analyst  – Abbott Laboratories

“This material was more current and targeted than a course I took at the University of Michigan.”
​     Sameer S. – SCA Consulting

“I liked that the materials were targeted to SCA.  I liked that there were actual sentences from SCA documents.”
​     Will M. – SCA Consulting

“The sentence exercises really made me think.  I felt confident when revising the simple, fun sentences, but then felt a definite hesitation when I had to revise sentences from an SCA document.  It forced me to shift into SCA mode when writing. It helped me to realize that I need to think more about what I’m writing . . . . Things such as parallel structure and grammar are important, but usually fall to the back when we’re focusing on content. I’m more conscious of it now.”
​     Paul G. – SCA Consulting

“The sections on concision and clarity helped a lot.  I also liked the misused words.”
     Gretchen K. –  SCA Consulting