The Write Impact

The Write Impact

Business Writing Workshop

The Write Impact helps your employees to build writing skills that command attention, inform, persuade, and produce a desired reader response.

Based on your company’s written communication needs, Out-Write Media delivers a customized set of writing tools that enable your talent to develop a command over writing for a variety of formats including:

  • Business letters
  • Proposals
  • Progress reports
  • Memoranda
  • User instructions
  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters
  • White Papers


  • REVIEW AND ASSESS writing samples from the group’s participants.
  • DESIGN a writing workshop targeting key areas based upon the participants’ writing samples.
  • DELIVER an 8-hour interactive workshop.
  • FOLLOW-UP privately with each participant to address specific needs and assess individual growth.


  • Active voice
  • Clarity
  • Concision
  • Grammar & usage
    • commas
    • semi-colons
    • parallel structure
    • modifiers
  • spelling
  • properly used word
  • Emphasis
  • Non-sexist language
  • Persuasion
  • Positive wording
  • Tone


​The Write Impact is an 8-hour workshop. Options include:

  • One full day
  • Two separate 4-hour sessions held 1 to 3 weeks apart.
  • Private follow-up sessions take place within two weeks after the 8-hours.